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A technical view on OroCRM and OroBAP

  Michael.Luehr     Jun 19, 2013

A few days ago Yoav Kuttner, the former CTO of Magento, announced that a preview of OroCRM and the OroBAP (Oro Business Application Plattform) is available on orocrm.com. Therefore we had a technical look on them and the possibilities they offer.

The preview release of OroCRM has been announced at Meet Magent 2013. Today we take a short dive into the technical depth of OroCRM and OroBAP. Based on Symfony2 the installation process is quite easy. You only need to clone the git repository and then start the installation process via composer. However, on our first runs we encountered some issues like missing php5-intl package or missing java, which is used for compression of some CSS and javascript files. After installing the missing requirements and setting up the database the installation process ran through and we could have a look at the backend.

However we've encountered another issue after successful login. We got a screen 'Page could not be loaded successfully' (or similar). In order to solve the issue we asked the community about the error and got help within a few minutes (thanks for that) and we could use the application. Due to it's very early state the features of OroCRM are limited to creating users and accounts by now but we assume more interesting features will be coming soon.

As mentioned before, OroBAP and OroCRM are based on Symfony2 and both are shipped with some other well-known bundles like the Sonata AdminBundle or the FriendsOfSymfony RESTBundle. OroBAP itself also offers a variety of interesting bundles like:

  • OroFlexibleEntityBundle, which aims to offer dynamic attributes management including storage and form binding
  • OroDataFlowBundle, which focuses on data import and export and transforming data as well
  • OroMeasureBundle, which provides functionality for converting a value from one unit to another

and many more. For a full list please refer to the documentation

Even in this early state, the OroBAP provides some useful functionality which can be included in existing projects via composer or used to start a new project (like the PIM by akeneo). We are looking forward to seeing the exciting features which are still under development. Still, there are some things which can be improved as well, e.g. if you want to use just one of these bundles you have to install the full framework instead of just the single bundle.

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