A few hours ago, Lorenz Ulrich released version 1.3.3 of the Digital Asset Management extension for TYPO3 4.x. The patches contributed by Netresearch improve stability and interoperability with other extensions.

The probably last version of DAM improves stability and interoperability with other TYPO3 extensions. The release is available in the TYPO3 extension repository.

Netresearch employees Andre Hähnel, Christian Weiske and Marian Pollzien contributed the patches that make up the new version:

  • #51969: Indexing broken for editors with limited access rights
  • #52157: uppercase code after language detection
  • #49536: Unable to see more files for "Usage" tab
  • #47868: Do not remove timezone offset from file dates on upload
  • #54149: use media type name in metaExtract service calls

DAM does not support TYPO3 6.x. Use the Media extension as replacement.

This ends our contributions to DAM - we provided many patches to versions 1.3.2 and 1.3.1, but concentrate on TYPO3 6.2+ now.

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