Magento 2 theming training accomplished

For implementation you always need to stay up to date. As specialist for Magento and Magento 2 backend implemenations with focus on Magento Extension development, our guys are usally not highly involved with frontend interventions. But there are still some and there will be more and more touch points in future.

In the beginning of August in a project retrospective session, wich is a regular scheduled meeting within the agile workflow Netresearch preferably works with, our Magento Team expressed the wish to get some deeper insights into Magento 2 frontend concept. Said and done. Netresearch always encourages further education of its employees to face the current and future challenges in a professional manner. So we take care for it and the 2-day session with Magento Master Jisse Reitsma took place last week at 2017 Aug 29th/ 30th here at Netresearch. The conclusion in advance: It was worth it!

Some course buzzwords we were facing with

  • XML Layouts
  • PHTML and HTML
  • jQuery
  • JavaScripts, RequiresJS, KnockoutJS
  • UIComponents

Some feedback from our guys 

My understanding in the mechanics of Magento 2 and especially advanced javascript programming raised.

The 2 day course was structured very clear. In the end everything and as well in that particular sequence we've discussed makes sense in total. Also to refresh and deepen the basic concepts from JS as well as RequireJS and Knockout again, was very percipient in the end. It was fun and to follow quite easily.

I'm sure, for us as longtime developer with a bunch of Magento experience and even for newcomers of Magento 2 development it's precious to dive into the "why" problems in these JS area to become a better understanding of the basic principles.

There are still some, but they are rare. Trainer and mentors who really know what they are talking about. It was fun and profitable at the same time! Thumbs up, well done Jisse. Best course ever I've attended

Our trainer Jisse Reitsma

Jisse is the founder of Yireo, developing extensions for Magento since Magento 1.1. He is currently also working as a code mentor and developer trainer. He was announced Zend Z-Team member in 2016 and Magento Master in 2017. He also organizes events like MageTestFest and many local usergroups in The Netherlands.

If you'll have ever the chance to meet that guy - just do it!
He will be worth it.

Your best opportunities to make it happened will be: Just ask for by Netresearch, we will gladly guide you further. Or watch out for FireGento e.V. trainings. Be active in the Magento community and participate in one of the many local events like MageTestFestMeet Magento or Mage Unconferences.

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