MageUC19 - Win your ticket now

We've got tickets left

Directly after our attendance last year Netresearch decided to take a sponsorship to support MageUnconference in 2019 as well. We’ll take care for the fun part at the venue and will make table soccer and air hockey available again. This was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?

With the sponsor package we run in the same issue as a year ago. We’re entitled to get sponsor tickets. To attend this event with the Team we already bought our supporter tickets and fixed the travel planning early this year. So once again - We have tickets left.

Due the fact that the event is actually SOLD OUT and there are NO MORE TICKETS TO BUY - congrats to the MageUC team for their amazing preparational work at this point - we’ve decided again to share it with the community.

It’s quite simple to attend

  1. To everyone:
    Follow us on twitter.
  2. To all people who missed it:
    Please tell us about your expectation for MageUnConf, the Magento topics you want to discuss or the MageFriends you would like to meet most. Simply post it on twitter till Wed Oct 30th, 2019 latest using @Netresearch AND #MageUC19 in your post!
  3. To everyone: Please  like,  comment and/ or  retweet the contributions.
  4. The final announcement:
    Two contributions will win   by a jury decision. We'll get in contact with you, you get a ticket code and can join us to MageUC19 finally.

We'll get in contact with the winners directly after the announcement. You'll need to follow us, so that we can send you direct message via twitter. Please note, Netresearch will just giving away 1x MageUC19 ticket to actually two winners. These enables you to attend the full conference with all benefits (wifi, food, drinks as well as party and t-shirts if sponsored). For your individual travel and accommodation in Cologne, you have to take care by yourself please.

What actually is an unConference

“An unConference makes the coffee break a principle.”
(by Judith Andresen)

And it really does. We like this principle a lot and really looking forward to share experiences, thoughts, findings, ideas and also the all day pains with you guys.

Anyway, we’ll actually join with some members of our Netresearch Extension team, who ultimately are dealing most with Magento® and Extension development for Magento 1 and 2 here at Netresearch. Starting from this year we’re also facing challenges with another shopping cart system, so as e.g. Shopware and/ or OpenCart. Let’s talk about and share the challenges you might be faced with.

So at all, we’re so excited about. We’re looking forward to meet well known friends, to get in touch with new people and having a good time.


So once again:

MageUnconference takes place at Tor28 in Cologne at Nov 30th to Dec 1st 2019.

There are NO MORE TICKETS TO BUY, it’s sold out. 

Your last chance to join us to MageUC19 is waiting right here at  twitter.

Good luck and hopefully see you there!

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