To award 2 tickets for MageUC18

Mission accomplished

We've got it. Congrats to our lucky winners of the MageUnconference ticket contest. Your answers was voted the best.  We're looking forward to see you all there!

What? MageUnconference | Where?  Tor28 in Cologne | When? Oct 27th - 28th 2018

These are our winners contribution and the final result of the poll:

The story behind

About a month ago Netresearch decided to take a small sponsorship to support MageUnconference 2018. But we've also raised up a small issue with it. 

Within the sponsor package we were entitled to get two more sponsor tickets. To attend this event with our entire MageTeam has long been on our team bucket list, so we already bought our supporter tickets and fixed the travel planning long before somewhen in February 2018.

These 2 tickets are still left

We had the opportunity to get them charged, but doesn't make sense and is so unsatisfying as well. Also just pushing them into the hands of someone is quite boring too. And due the fact that the event is actually sold out and there are no more tickets to buy (it was 149 EUR each), we’ve finally decided to share with the community

Who really wants to experience the MageUC18 and got no ticket yet? We ask you

“What is your personal excuse why you don’t have any ticket yet and
for what good reason just you should be allowed to join us to #MageUC18 ?”

It’s quite simple to attend

  1. To all people who missed it:
    Be creative and please post your answer on  twitter or  facebook till Sun, Sep 23th latest using @Netresearch AND #MageUC18in your post 
  2. To everyone:
    Please  like,  comment and/ or  retweet the contributions you might prefer and help us to take the best or most creative 4 excuses into a final  3-day poll.
  3. 3-day poll to everyone:
    At the end of the day, the community will be called to decide this  poll. So please vote for your favorite.
  4. The final announcement:
    The  two best ranking contributions will win, you will get your ticket and can join us to MageUC18.

Get some free tickets for MageUC18 sponsored by Netresearch

We'll get in contact with the winners directly after the announcement. Please note, Netresearch will just giving away 1x MageUC18 ticket to actually two winners. These enables you to attend the full conference with all benefits (wifi, food, drinks as well as party and t-shirts if sponsored). For your individual travel and accommodation in Cologne, you have to take care by yourself please.

What actually is an unConference

The MageUC crew wrote about “An unConference makes the coffee break a principle.”(by Judith Andresen)
We like this idea a lot. Next to all the other stuff that will awaits you at this event, we’ve chosen with our small sponsorship to support this principle by offering playing air hockey or table soccer at the venue, So, when you'll go in a match, just remember us. Ups, maybe that was not the best idea, cause we won’t bring our company's best table soccer buddies along to compete successfully, this includes me as well. 

Anyway, also much more important is, we’ll actually join with 5 members of our Netresearch MageTeam, who ultimately are dealing most with Magento® and Extension development for Magento® 1 and 2 here at Netresearch. So we’re so excited about. We’re looking forward to meet friends, to meet new people, to share experiences, issues and best practices around the everyday life of development with Magento®.

So once again: MageUnconference takes place at Tor28 in Cologne at Oct 27th - 28th 2018. There are no more tickets to buy, it’s sold out. 

Hopefully see you there.

PS: Many Thanks to Rico Neitzel at this point for his advice and finding a final collusion with us and especially cheers in advance to the awesome MageUC18 crew and FireGento, organizing this event. When you still don't know what we are talking about, here are some impressions of MageUC17.

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