Despite Corona virus, Netresearch services are not affected

We are at your service

The increasing spread of the Corona virus has prompted Netresearch’s management to take precautionary actions. Above all, we want to effectively protect the health of all our employees, their relatives and our customers. At the same time, we would like to - in line with our Enable & Connect mission - ensure our services in the usual and contractually agreed quality for our customers and thus be a reliable partner!

So far, Netresearch employees have not been directly affected. There are neither proven nor cases amoung them. Nevertheless, as a precaution, all development teams and the operations team are working from the home office since Monday, March 16th until further notice. Starting on March 19th, our office is completely closed.

Distributed work and the ability to use the home office when needed has been standard practice at Netresearch for a long time. We are well prepared in terms of organization and technology, even for a longer period of such restrictions. Our paradigms for software development in teams, sharing knowledge from projects across several employees, as well as high requirements for documentation, central and secure access to all IT systems are now playing out their strengths.


Further measures at Netresearch

  • all customer meetings take place exclusively via video conference or telephone (we provide our customers with freely accessible systems if required)
  • we completely avoid personal customer visits
  • we completely avoid visits to industry and business events until further notice
  • for employees with childcare at home, flexible working hours are used to compensate for any limitations that may arise


We are therefore well equipped in terms of personnel and technology to provide our customers with all services as usual without any restrictions. We currently also have sufficient capacity to react quickly in the event of short-term inquiries from our customers. We are available as a reliable IT partner for our customers and partners who now have to overcome unusual challenges.

As usual, all employees - even in the home office - can be reached via the known contact channels.

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