Webinar by Acquia & Netresearch

Many retailers face new challenges in the current market situation due to Covid-19. Since proven concepts such as external sales are no longer available or very difficult to implement, the Internet is becoming a new sales channel.

The central question is: how can sales be set up in e-commerce in such a way that important interactions with the customer are still possible?


You too want to create many websites or manage online shops in one central backend?

We, Netresearch and Acquia, are presenting an all-encompassing solution in a webinar:

  • Quick shop setup
  • Central management of all business transactions
  • Shopware 6 and Magento
  • Cloud hosting, updates & maintenace

Furthermore, we are going to explain how you can successfully integrate these measures into your existing business model, and what steps need to be taken. All this is going to be discussed during our webinar: Online sales in times of Covid-19: How to get websites & shops online quickly! (in German)


Netresearch DTT GmbH

Director Partner Management
Central Europe, Acquia


How can I present my products online very quickly?
Which technologies allow a quick start but later on also customizations and integration into my existing systems?
  How can I roll out websites and shops quickly for many organizational units (various brands, franchieses, merchant structures)?
How can I centrally and cost-effectively manage, maintain and improve a large number of websites & shops?
Q&A session - ask your questions

The webinar is going to be in German.

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Quickly get websites & shops online!

Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 14 - 15 o'clock

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