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By Thomas Fleck

Netresearch strengthens its competence in B2B commerce

Netresearch gained Holger Tautz from OXID eSales to strengthen its competence in B2B commerce.

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By Caroline Kuhn

6 May 2021 | World Password Day: interview with CTO Sebastian Mendel

On World Password Day, our CTO Sebastian Mendel provides some insights into the combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. What is important, what is a no-go, and what are helpful password tools?

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By Caroline Kuhn

April 23, 2021 | World Book Day: Tips from our colleagues

IT topics are often very complex and opaque for beginners. To provide some insight into the topic of IT, we asked our developers what their favorite books on this topic are in view of today's World Book Day.

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The gender pay gap: where does Netresearch stand?

What is the salary distribution between male and female employees at Netresearch? Does a gender pay gap exist in our company? We took a look at the numbers.


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By Benjamin Heuer

Working in Homeoffice - A Retrospective

The IT industry works from home. This circumstance brings new challenges and ways of thinking with it, which can also have effects in the future. But what does life at Netresearch look like under these circumstances?

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By Thomas Wilhelm

Despite Corona virus, Netresearch services are not affected

In order to effectively protect the health of all our employees, their relatives and our customers and to counter the spread of the Corona virus, all employees at Netresearch are working in the home office until further notice.

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By Martina Weise

The Netresearch New Year's party with our customers, partners, employees and friends

This year we held a New Year's reception for the first time - the Netresearch New Year's party with campfire and mulled wine. A great success!

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