OroCommerce Starter Package

OroCommerce Package by Netresearch:
B2B shop system & online catalog for medium-sized businesses!

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Do you want to digitize your sales in the long term?

We have the solution for you!

Are you currently working according to classic sales and would like to digitize your sales processes in the long term? Then the choice for the right B2B store software is essential. As a B2B e-commerce agency, we know about the challenges of shop software:

 Your e-commerce software needs a costly update
 The software is designed for the B2C sector and requires expensive B2B features
 Your existing sales structures are not digital
 Your existing processes are complicated and the data can only be migrated with difficulty
 Your existing systems do not communicate fully with each other

Switching to a digital B2B sales system or changing systems requires experience and a professional approach. Do you want to be able to rely on the new system and its performance in every aspect? And at the same time have satisfied customers who accept your shop excellently? Then we have a solution for you: The OroCommerce Starter Package - the shop system, designed from the start for the B2B sector!

Our promise

 B2B shop system turnkey & ready to go in 2 months
 Investment-proof - expandable and scalable
 Project security through fixed time frame & fixed budget​​​​​​​
 Support from our B2B commerce experts & support team with many years of project experience right from the start​​​​​​​
 Secure & fast migration of existing data

You have questions about OroCommerce or our OroCommerce Starter Package? Our OroCommerce and B2B commerce expert Sebastian will be happy to help you.

OroCommerce shop software

suitable for B2B companies

OroCommerce Package

 OroCommerce Enterprise-
Edition license
Basic setup
 Requirements workshop
​​​​​​​ Configuration Roles & Rights

 Configuration Payment & Shipping
Content integration of legal pages (imprint & co.)
​​​​​​​ Cookie Consent Tool

 Integration product catalog
 Software maintenance and support contract
 Basic adaptation of corporate design (CD)
​​​​​​​ German language pack

Optional möglich:

 ERP/PIM, Data Hub connection

 Front-end package

 Requirements according to customer's needs

PRICE: 49.500 €

plus ORO-LICENCE: 60.000 €

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