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We are experienced in building TYPO3 websites for large companies and are your partner for a safe and well-planned upgrade to the new TYPO3 version 10.

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3 good reasons for TYPO3 version 10 LTS

Better security

TYPO3 version 10 minimizes the risk of hacker attacks, website failures or data theft. Regular updates ensure a secure system. It complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and promotes customer trust through special consideration for their privacy.

Fast, stable, powerful

TYPO3 10 has been optimized in various places and runs faster and more stable than ever before. A lot has also happened in terms of performance, which means you can improve customer satisfaction, your SEO ranking and, of course, your sales figures.

Improved handling

Many new functions and optimizations in the backend make daily work with TYPO3 easier for users. Automatic redirects, improved file uploads, optimized backend user management and much more save time and increase the efficiency of your employees.

Sebastian Koschel

I am fascinated by the new TYPO3 dashboard. This not only gives you a quick overview of content-relevant information, but also allows you to easily visualize your own project data without much effort.

Sebastian Koschel
Frontend Developer / TYPO3 Integrator at Netresearch

Thomas Schöne

After the source code has been cleaned up, TYPO3 was brought up to date with the new 10 version - not only visually but also technologically. TYPO3 version 10 relies on modern and future-proof technology components and enables us to develop solutions much quicker.

Thomas Schöne
TYPO3 Developer at Netresearch

Axel Seemann

I am particularly pleased about the adjustments to the Form Extension in the new TYPO3 v10. The configuration has been significantly simplified and, in contrast to older versions, all the necessary configurations can now be carried out clearly in one central file. This allows the features of the Form Extension to be used much better and more effectively.

Axel Seemann
TYPO3 Developer at Netresearch

TYPO3 v10 Feature List

We have summarized all the important innovations of the new TYPO3 v10 LTS for you. We provide you with the TYPO3 v10 Feature List free of charge so that you can convince yourself of the numerous optimizations and new features.

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Process of a TYPO3 upgrade
at Netresearch

1. Our free TYPO3 upgrade check

Since every TYPO3 website is different, we can only assess how extensive the TYPO3 upgrade is for your site after a thorough look into your system.

We analyze your TYPO3 website and, based on our many years of practical experience, make note of possible problems, and create recommendations for upgrading to TYPO3 version 10 LTS.

The following areas will be analyzed:

  • Current version of your TYPO3 website
  • Status & compatibility of existing TYPO3 extensions
  • Interfaces to third-party systems
  • System customizations
  • Analysis of server environment (like PHP and MySQL version)

2. Free consulting & reliable cost estimate

After we have carried out the upgrade check and sent you the detailed analysis, we look forward to an initial personal conversation. Together we will discuss all the steps necessary to safely upgrade your TYPO3 system to TYPO3 10 LTS and provide you with a reliable cost estimate.

3. Setting up the development environment

We create a copy of your current system on our servers, with which we can initially carry out the upgrade in a secure development environment. This allows us to prevent negative effects on your production system.

4. TYPO3 upgrade (system & extensions)

Now the actual system upgrade to the new TYPO3 version 10 begins in the secure development environment. We also take into account any peculiarities that result from your outdated TYPO3 version.

In addition, all TYPO3 extensions you are using will be updated to ensure compatibility with the current TYPO3 v10. Outdated extensions which are not maintained anymore by the publisher will be replaced with future-proof ones. If extensions are no longer used or become obsolete due to new functions in the TYPO3 Core, they will be completely deleted in order to save storage space and improve the performance of your system.

5. TYPO3 test & go-live

After a detailed system test, we will provide you with the upgrade in a staging environment for final acceptance.

Finally, we transfer all changes to the production system. Now your website is well prepared for the future with the new TYPO3 version 10 LTS.

6. Maintenance & future development

If desired, we will take care of maintenance and expansion of your website after the upgrade to ensure a secure, powerful, and future-proof system.

Our satisfied TYPO3 customers

Don't wait too long!

TYPO3 support & bugfixes are running out

Your website is still based on an older TYPO3 version? Then it's high time for an upgrade! For TYPO3 version 8 and older the free support has already run out. Those systems are no longer actively maintained, and bugfixes are only provided in paid extended support.

  The new TYPO3 version 10 LTS offers free support until April 30, 2023.

Need more than just an upgrade?Our TYPO3 services at a glance

Take advantage now and improve your TYPO3 website not only technologically. We are an experienced TYPO3 full-service agency and are happy to support you in expanding your website for a better user experience and increased success. We always strive for a long-term and trustful cooperation and enable you to look confidently into the future.

  • Conception of TYPO3 web platforms
  • TYPO3 development
  • Templating & Responsive Design
  • System integration and interface development
  • Data migration from existing systems
  • E-commerce integration
  • Identity, access, and role management
  • Training, support, hosting, updates, and maintenance

Free TYPO3 upgrade checkRequest yours now!

Take the first step towards your professional and secure TYPO3 upgrade
to the new, improved TYPO3 version 10. During our extensive TYPO3
upgrade check, we analyze your website comprehensively, look for possible
problems, and make recommendations for the upgrade. The findings then
enable us to upgrade your TYPO3 website quickly and securely.

These areas will be analyzed during the TYPO3 upgrade check:

  • Current version of your TYPO3 website
  • Status & compatibility of existing TYPO3 extensions
  • Interfaces to third-party systems
  • System customizations
  • Analysis of server environment (like PHP and MySQL version)

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