TYPO3 Funktionen

TYPO3 features

The CMS TYPO3 already comes with great features out-of-the-box. In addition, it can be expanded using thousands of available interfaces, extensions and functionalities. This plethora of functions and its user-friendliness make TYPO3 so popular among editors of complex websites.

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TYPO3 - the ideal choice for

Complex and dynamic web platforms and portals

Content that needs to be updated regularly

Changes and approval processes for several editors

Connections to external systems, e.g. for automated data exchange

User-friendly interfaceHelpful tools and assistants

  • Format texts easily using the integrated text editor
  • Clear page structure tree in the backend, reflecting fronted navigation
  • Built-in image editor and helpful assistants for creating forms and tables
  • Direct editing in the fronted
  • Preview function for pages
  • Numerous tooltips

Flexible system:More freedom & individuality

  • Content can always be updated using any computer with internet access
  • Detailed user-rights management for employees and website visitors, ideal for complex corporate requirements
  • Easy to extend using existing and custom-made modules
  • Allows multiple layouts and designs in one website, e.g. for different target audiences or products

Powerful foundationfor your company website

  • Supports multi-language websites
  • Navigation menu updated automatically when creating new pages
  • Various frontend designs for best usability and implementation of your CI
  • Error-free HTML for correct content rendering in all browsers
  • Automated page editing history allows restoring previous content
  • Version management for pages enables editing without affecting the live website

Time-saving featuresfor efficient workflows

  • Quick access to frequently used pages
  • Links get updated or removed automatically when moving or deleting pages
  • Scheduled page publication
  • Insert and format pictures and videos easily (spacing, alignment, size, preview image)
  • Store content elements on a clipboard for later use
  • Edit multiple records at once (resize images, change page layout)
  • Fast search function across all pages

"We rely on the open-source CMS TYPO3 right from the start and are excited about its flexibility in every new project. The possibilities are almost limitless and the active TYPO3 community, of which we are a part, constantly ensures that the system gets updated."

Thomas Fleck
CEO Netresearch

TYPO3 features

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