Akeneo PIM

Akeneo PIM

The open-source system Akeneo PIM (Product Information Management) is tailored to the requirements and challenges faced by merchants and greatly simplifies maintaining product data. It is highly adaptable and works very well in conjunction with third-party applications or other IT systems.

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Product data managementusing the Akeneo PIM

Product data are the most important asset in e-commerce. Errors or insufficient information in product data can quickly have a negative impact on conversion rates and sales.

Successful multichannel sales and good data preparation require a central system that collects the data from different sources, ensures the quality and completeness for the individual output channels, and finally feeds the data into those channels. A Product Information Management system, PIM for short, solves these problems.

Modern product data management

We support you in the selection of useful tools such as Akeneo, import product data from
various data sources and set up automated data streams into your sales channels.

Akeneo PIM & your ecosystem:Create great product experiences!


Retrieve data from
your various sources


Verify and improve the quality
of your product information


Distribute the information
into all your channels

You have unusual requirements?

We create custom Akeneo extensions for your application


Netresearch specializes in developing tailor-made solutions for customers. We have created the following Akeneo
bundles and more. Use these extensions in your project and benefit from the advantages our unique solutions offer.

User Interface

Want to define your own Akeneo theme? With this bundle you can easily customize the Akeneo login screen, logo and main colors.

Attribute Role
Access Bundle

This bundle lets you define user authorizations for individual attributes instead of just at the attribute group-level.


Need to manage thousands of manufacturers, customers, suppliers, etc. at the same time? Product-independent entities can be individually created, deleted, edited, listed and imported even without the Enterprise version.

Publisher Status
Inheritance Bundle

Simplified import of mass data: filter specific and self-defined sub-areas to make managing the entire product range more convenient.

Manual Change

Make manual changes to your product attributes. Changes are retained during an import, are saved separately from the product, and can be displayed in an overview.

Manual Change
Migration Bundle

Mark your import so that the manually changed data is persisted. This prevents your data from being overwritten during future updates.

Channel Inheritance

Solve the multi-channel problem: Define your changes in the master channel and pass on these properties to the channels below.

Table Attribute

Improve product attribute and metadata maintenance. Our tables enable you to freely design the number and type of data, such as text, image, number or single selection.

Multi Source
Import Bundle

This extension is a product import connector to import products from multiple data sources. Define rules which value from which data source should be inserted into the product.

Multi Source

Maintain full control over the attribute values - even with multiple product data sources and after multi-source import rules have been applied.

Family Mapping

Automate importing thousands of articles: No need to individually assign every product to the product family anymore. A freely configurable set of rules defines automated assignments.

Keyword Mapping

Simplify data management with automatic product family assignment. This happens during the Akeneo import based on individually created keywords.

Everyone benefits!One central platform for best efficiency

Catalog Manager

  • Easy to use interface
  • Smart and intuitive data model
  • Simplified internal collaboration
  • Distribution to all channels

Marketing Officer

  •  Scaling accross all channels
  •  Use of product experience to meet customer expectations
  •  Revenue growth through faster time to market


  • Comprehensive and correct product data
  • Open-source stack and Open API allow easy integration
  • Flexible deployments on-premise and to the cloud


Your advantages with AkeneoHigh-quality product information management

Quick & easy product data management for all sales channels

Connect more sales channels for your multi-channel strategy

Central data storage reduces errors and outdated information

Quality control increases conversion rate and reduces returns

Extendable at any time thanks
to open-source technology

Supports multilingual
product data

Akeneo PIM

Sebastian Hähner
Consultant e-commerce,
product data management,
Shopware, Magento, Akeneo

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