The must-have extension for every TYPO3 editor team: CKEditor Image Support

The TYPO3 extension “CKEditor Image Support” developed by us is one of the most popular extensions for editors. This is clearly shown by both the installation statistics and the number of downloads: since our first release in 2017, our Image Support Extension has already been installed 150,000 times via packagist and new installations are added every day. 16,000 downloads have already been made via It becomes clear how essential the extension is for the editorial work.

During the upgrade from TYPO3 LTS version 8.7 to TYPO3 v9, the Rich Text Editor (RTE) htmlArea was replaced by the CKEditor. This was intended to make work in the backend easier. But the TYPO3 editors faced an obstacle: combining text and images in the CKEditor was no longer possible. To fill this technological gap, we developed the TYPO3 Image Support Extension. With this extension, editors can integrate images directly into the text and even edit basic settings such as height and width directly in the CKEditor. The work for the TYPO3 editor becomes much easier and efficient with the extension rte-ckeditor-image.

Giving the best to the community

As part of the TYPO3 community, we share our successes and thus stay true to the open-source idea. After we ourselves had found the advantages of the “CKE Image Support” extension to be indispensable, it was clear that we would make it publicly available. The positive response and the increasing number of downloads speak for themselves - the extension is an absolute must-have for every TYPO3 editor.

The extension currently supports TYPO3 version 8 and 9. Since the extension was first introduced in 2017 by its creators Mathias Uhlmann and Christian Opitz, we have remained in active exchange with the community and the CKE extension has been continuously developed. At Netresearch, we are already busy building an extension version for TYPO3 v10 - stay tuned!

Get the CKEditor Image Support extension at packagist

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