Netresearch & Magento

We have been working with the popular open source shop software since 2008, the beginning of Magento. During this time we were actively involved in the Magento community, organized various Magento events, made numerous friends and experienced great moments. Indulge with us in memories of the legendary Magento events and highlights with Netresearch!

Ben Marks

Magento evangelist & developer & trainer & community manager

 Magento Imagine 2018, Las Vegas (USA)

Magento Excellence Award

@UMG | @48B | @Wagento | @redbox
Our customer Universal Music Group has been nominated for the Magento Excellence Award at Magento Imagine 2018 in the category "Best in class fulfillment". Awesome teamwork with 47B, Wagento and redbox! Implemented with blugento shop factory.

 Magento Imagine 2018, Las Vegas (USA)

Yoav Kuttner

toasts the Magento Developer's Paradise in 2011, organised by us.

 Magento Developers Paradise 2011, Ibiza (Spain)

Yoav Kuttner & Bas Nawijn

@YoavKutner | @BasMagento
together on stage at Meet Magento DE 2012.

 Meet Magento DE 2012, Leipzig (Germany)

Sherrie Rohde

Magento Community Managerin at Meet Magento DE 2015.

Meet Magento DE 2015, Leipzig (Germany)

Rico Neitzel

Magento trainer, agency owner of Büro 71A, long-standing Meet Magento photographer, initiator of MageUnconference...

Meet Magento DE 2017, Leipzig (Germany)

Guido Jansen

wearing our Magento Extension hoody at Magento Imagine 2018!

Magento Imagine 2018, Las Vegas (USA)

Dima Soroka & Guido Jansen

@dmitriysoroka | @guido
Dima Soroka, co-founder & CTO of Oro Inc. and Guido Jansen at the Magento Developers Paradise Snow Edition 2014 in Kaprun, initiated by Netresearch.

Developers Paradise 2014, Kaprun (Austria)

Magento Community @Meet Magento PL

parachuting with the Magento Community at Meet Magento 2016 in Poland.

Meet Magento Polen 2016, Posen (Poland)

Bob Schwartz

former head of Magento and CEO & founder of 47B, our partner in the UMG project.

Meet Magento DE 2009, Leipzig (Germany)

Rico Neitzel & Roy Rubin

@riconeitzel | @royrubin05
Rico and Roy at the Meet Magento 2009, organised by Netresearch.

Meet Magento DE 2009, Leipzig (Germany)

New Netresearch team-shirts

as the official Magento Corporate Representatives Europe in Marketing & Events (2011).

Magento Community Builder Award

@riconeitzel | @guido
In 2011 we have been awarded with the Magento Community Builder Award for our engagement in the Magento community in Europe, particularly for the organisation of the Meet Magento and the Magento Developers Paradises.

 Innovate Conference 2011, San Francisco (USA)

Roy Rubin & Yoav Kuttner

@royrubin05 | @YoavKutner
Netresearch and Magento on Meet Magento DE 2009.

 Meet Magento DE 2009, Leipzig (Germany)

Visit at Porsche with Rico and Yoav

@riconeitzel | @YoavKuttner
The thrill of speed with Rico Neitzel and Yoav Kuttner during our visit at Porsche before Meet Magento DE 2009.

Meet Magento DE 2009, Leipzig (Germany)

redbox. at Magento Imagine 2018

The team of redbox., our partner during our customer UMG, at Magento Imagine 2018.

Magento Imagine 2018, Las Vegas (USA)

Vlad Stanescu

Vlad Stanescu, CEO of the Magento agency MindMagnet and organizer of the Meet Magento in Romania.

 Party 404 at Meet Magento RO 2015, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

Magento love

@YoavKuttner | @guido | @SergiiShymko
True Magento love at Meet Magento Brazil 2012.

Meet Magento Brazil 2012, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Magento Jeep Safari

at our Magento Developers Paradise 2010 on Mallorca.

 Magento Developers Paradise 2010, Mallorca (Spain)

Aurelien Leftick and Jonathan Levy

@aleftick | @Jonlevy77
Aurelien and Jon from Temando, the Magento 2 logistic partner and one of our customers at our booth during Magento Imagine 2018.

Magento Imagine 2018, Las Vegas (USA)

Udi Shamay

Udi Shamay - Senior Director, Client Strategy at Magento - celebrating at Magento Imagine 2018 Opening Night Networking Event.

Magento Imagine 2018 Opening Night Networking Event, Las Vegas (USA)

Vijay Golani

Vijay Golani from Wagento, one of our partners for the Magento multistore solution for Universal Music Group.

Magento Imagine 2018, Las Vegas (USA)

Mosses Akizian

Mosses Akizian, Senior E-Commerce Technical Administrator & Magento Certified Solution Specialist at our customer Universal Music Group.

Magento Imagine 2018, Las Vegas (USA)

Magento Community @Meet Magento DE

@DiegoSemenzato | @ignacioriesco | @snowdog | @sherrierohde | @carloshix | @gibson944

Our friends from the Meet Magento scene: Diego Semenzato, Ignacio Riesco, Kuba Zwolinski, Sherrie Rohde, Carlos Hix and Thomas Goletz.

Meet Magento Italy 2014, Milan (Italy)

Meet Magento Association

The start of the Meet Magento Association - initiated by us - was officially announced by Magento at Magento Live 2016.

 Magento Live 2016, London (UK)

Gobi desert run 2014

@snowdog | @gibson944
Arrived at the destination after a long march across the Gobi desert with very different businessmen. A very special #magerun!

Gobi desert run 2014, China

Roy Rubin & Bob Schwartz

@royrubin05 | @BobSchwartz
Celebrating together at Magento Imagine 2018 Opening Night Networking Event!

Magento Imagine 2018 Opening Night Networking Event, Las Vegas (USA)

Magento Developers Paradise 2011

Great vibes at Magento Developers Paradise 2011 on Ibiza with more than 100 attendees, organised by Netresearch.

Magento Developers Paradise, Ibiza (Spain)

Our Magento services

Since 2008 we have brought numerous Magento projects online and collected a lot of practical knowledge. Our Magento services include the development of sophisticated B2B and B2C Magento multistores and the development of interfaces to Magento for logistics and payment providers such as DHL and Ingenico.

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