Online shop management for franchisors

Online shops
for franchisors

Provide your franchisees with their own online shops in short time by leveraging the blugento shop factory. You define the branding, user permissions and range of products. You control your franchise business centrally and know what's going on at all times.

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The blugento shop factory:Centralized online shop management

The blugento shop factory is the perfect solution for centralized management of your franchisees' online shops. You create and control the shops centrally, while your franchise partners handle customer's orders. This way, you supply your partners with the best e-commerce channel and also ensure the quality and visibility of your brand.

We have 20 years of experience in e-commerce and are specialists for complex multistore applications. With the blugento shop factory we use a modern and unique solution to meet the special requirements of franchise businesses.

Thomas Wilhelm
CEO Netresearch

Highlights for your franchise business

The blugento shop factory provides numerous features which make franchisor's lifes easier.

Centralized shop management

Create and manage many online shops for your franchisees in one backend.

Defined branding

Set pre-defined brandings for shop templates which can be customized.

Roles and permissions management

Assign individual online shops and permissions to your franchise partners.


Keep track of your franchise partners' sales figures and turnover.

Centralized product management

Set basic products from your PIM or ERP, and allow franchisees to add more products to their shop.

Connection to your systems

Link the online shops to your existing systems, like ERP, warehouse management, and logistics.

Create online shops for your franchise
partners in a matter of minutes

  • Create, pause, and delete shops with just a click
  • Centralized management of all online shops in one backend
  • Assign shops to franchise partners
  • Set pre-defined, branded templates

Security for you and your franchisees

  • Automated security updates
  • Professional hosting and monitoring reduce risk of outages
  • Completely independent shops to avoid negative interactions

Little effort and low costs
for hosting & maintenance

  • Professional cloud-hosting
  • Automatic server scaling depending on load
  • Fast response times even during high traffic
  • Automated security and feature updates

Magento or Shopware as foundation

  • Customizable and powerful
  • Multi-language, various currencies and tax classes
  • Suitable for B2B and B2C
  • Comprehensive user and permissions management

Professional online shop
management for your franchise
business. Learn more!

You want to learn more about the blugento shop factory and provide your franchisees with professional online shops? We are happy to advise you.

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