blugento commerce cloud

blugento commerce cloud

The technology around blugento is a cloud-based management platform. It offers various solutions for the simple creation and management of numerous web application instances from one central location.

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blugento – the ideal solutionfor

The blugento solutions are particularly suitable for business cases in which numerous e-commerce instances, such as online shops, have to be created and managed in a relatively short time. Create various independent shops for your internationalization, target group-specific product shops, or online shops for your franchise partners.

We rely on the blugento commerce cloud because it offers unique and modern ways to set up diverse multistore scenarios professionally and easily.

Flexible hosting environmentsexactly as you need them

All applications created with the blugento commerce cloud can run at the cloud hosting provider which best suits your requirements for scalability, performance and data protection. Choose from established providers such as Amazon Web Services or the Open Telekom Cloud in order to meet the specific requirements for scalability, performance and data protection of the various customer projects.

Of course, you can also run the application created in the blugento commerce cloud, such as online shops or product information management (PIM) systems, on the Docker host of your existing provider.

Continuous Integration & Deploymentfor best code quality

With the blugento commerce cloud, you benefit from the advantages of mature Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes.

The continuous and automated deployment of new code in connection with immediate tests and the quick reaction to possible errors result in high software quality. Human errors during deployments are prevented.

The blugento commerce cloud supports these technologies

Professional blugento solutions:

Manage your projects quickly and easily

Highlights of the blugento commerce cloud
for you at a glance

Central instance management

Create, configure, start and stop your
instances such as online shops in no
time via the central control panel.

Preconfigured applications

Individually preconfigured application
images allow you to create online shops
with predefined templates with just a
few clicks.

Detailed role and
permission management

Centrally control the users and their roles
and permissions for the administration
and maintenance of your applications.

Real-time monitoring

Always keep track of the performance,
current sales, and hosting costs of your
e-commerce instances.

Single sign-on

Use the same login data for all the
different applications that you
have created with blugento.

Backup & restore

Create backups and restore previous
versions of your applications with just
one click.

Case StudyUniversal Music Group

Hundreds of online shopsfor the biggest music company in the world

Netresearch used the blugento commerce cloud to easily create
and manage hundreds of Magento merchandising online shops for
the artists of the Universal Music Group. The solution received the
Magento Excellence Award in 2019.

  • Central management of hundreds of Magento Enterprise shops
  • Powerful and scalable
  • Reduced shop setup time from 14 to just 3 days
  • Full flexibility in design and features
  • Simultaneous security updates for all shops

Netresearch is technology partner forthe blugento commerce cloud

As a technology partner, we have been actively supporting research and development
for blugento solutions with our know-how and project experience for several years.

Benefit from our experiencein managing IT infrastructures

For more than 20 years, national and international customers have trusted our know-how and experience in setting up web presences. We have extensive knowledge in creating and expanding complex IT infrastructures. Our team integrates the powerful solutions of the blugento commerce cloud, which can be expanded exactly as you need, paving your way to success.

"Blugento allows me to comfortably manage our dockerized applications for our customers. Thanks to its flexibility, the application scenarios are so broad that we use blugento internally for demo shops or test systems as well as for a wide variety of customer projects."

André Lademann
Developer Netresearch

Designed by certifiede-commerce developers

The blugento commerce cloud is designed and developed by a certified
e-commerce development team based in Germany. It meets the highest
requirements from medium-sized companies to global players.

The blugento commerce cloud:
versatile solutions for your
e-commerce strategy

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blugento commerce cloud and potential applications in
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