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B2B store system for industrial companies & wholesalers

Digital sales: How do you scale your B2B processes of tomorrow?

As a medium-sized company, do you want to massively increase your online orders? Do you want to make perfect use of digitalization for your own sales processes? If you:

 are looking for a shop system that has been designed without compromise for B2B,
 have clear growth targets in the online segment for the next years,
 have reached the limits of your current system,
 expect optimal integration into your IT infrastructure with ERP, CRM or PIM

then you've come to the right place!

Positive shopping experience for your B2B customers

 Quick order with lists and article numbers
 Save and edit multiple shopping baskets for specific projects
 Saved searches with filters and information on price or quantity changes
 (Customer) individual prices for products
 Obtain offers digitally and negotiate prices

IT decision-makers rely on OroCommerce –

Marketing, project management, sales and management benefit from this


Do you use SAP or a similar system? OroCommerce can be easily connected to all common interfaces.


Thanks to its open source technology, OroCommerce can be flexibly adapted to your needs and those of your company.


The modular structure of OroCommerce enables the system to be expanded and grows with your specific requirements.



 CRM: Multi-channel CRM with a 360-degree view of customers in the areas of marketing, sales & customer support
 Offers & orders: Digital interaction between buyers and sellers with offers, price negotiations and orders



 Email: Send emails (freeform and transactional emails with templates) to customers and prospects from within OroCommerce
 Promotion: Manage one-off vouchers, discounts and ongoing offers
 CMS: Individual design of content pages. Content blocks can be assigned and displayed to user groups via roles and rights system


Project management

 Flexible system: Respond quickly and efficiently to any requirements
 Easy to plan: Budget and time frame can be estimated easily


 Cost savings: Reduction of process costs
 Increase in sales: Sales can be increased thanks to B2B-optimized sales processes 

According to the Gartner Report 2021, OroCommerce is the best B2B commerce software on the market for SMEs and corporations. In terms of B2B functions, it has even made it to first place ahead of industry giants such as SAP, Adobe, Spryker and Shopware. Thanks to its open source technology, OroCommerce can be easily connected to third-party systems and thus flexibly adapted to individual market and industry requirements. As an OroCommerce integration partner and B2B commerce expert, you can rely on us for your project!

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The next steps:

What you can expect now

 Analysis meeting

During this meeting, the project and its requirements are discussed for a rough framework.

Individual B2B shop demo

After an initial discussion, you will be shown the B2B shop in an individual demonstration. This gives you an insight and a first idea of what your shop could look like in the future.


The next step is a workshop on your B2B store project. We will go into detail about your basic situation and your future requirements as well as their solutions.

Free initial consultation

Our B2B commerce expert Luca will go through your B2B shop's requirements with you and check whether OroCommerce is suitable.

Luca Becker
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