Multidimensional configurations in Akeneo (Part 2)

In one of our previous blog posts - “Multidimensional Configuration in Akeneo”, we introduced our new attribute type for multidimensional product options. One of the other possible uses was to display images.

In the course of one of our projects the requirement arose to add images to the enriched product data. On the one hand for a better product identification for the online editors and on the other hand to identify mistakes in the image management.

Since all images already existed in a structure that was designed for the connected store, we didn't want to store the images in Akeneo additionally. Therefore we introduced a column type "image" within the new attribute type. Here it is possible to store an image URL. In addition, you can configure whether the image should be displayed next to the URL or as a small thumbnail image. You can also click on the image to open a large view.

In addition to the obvious image display, you can now also set the table attribute type as an image for the product within the family configuration. The system checks whether there is a valid URL within the product options and whether the URL returns an image-related header. If this is the case, the URL found first is used as the product image both on the product detail page and in the list view. This results in the following outcome:

This allows image galleries to be displayed with the main image in Akeneo, without having to additionally maintain the administration of the images in Akeneo.

As the next feature the possibility was implemented to configure the attribute with a URL prefix, so that within the product itself only a relative link must be indicated. 

Additionally, the attribute is now available as a filter in the product list. This allows us to quickly identify missing product images.



These enhancements make the bundle a bit more valuable again and hopefully not for the last time.


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