New opportunities in B2B sales with OroMarketplace

Supporting companies in the digitization of their sales is one of our priorities. With Oro, we have found an ideal partner who has currently developed the best software for the digitization of B2B sales. As an Oro partner, we are delighted to be present at the launch of OroMarketplace - with over 50 registrations - on September 29, 2021. We have paved a new, efficient way for B2B sales.

Launch of the new marketplace software for B2B - OroMarketplace

"We found the company to help other companies selling to other companies - what’s called B2B commerce."

Yoav Kutner
CEO, Oro

Changes in the economy and society also require new thinking in online trading - both in B2C and B2B. What retailers and end consumers have benefited from for years should also become a reality for trade between companies. With the launch of the new software for creating marketplaces - OroMarketplace - B2B companies also have new opportunities to serve their customers even better and to retain them. Where there was initially only one supplier and many buyers, now many suppliers and buyers come together, as in a marketplace. And where many people meet, the organizational effort increases. For B2B marketplaces, it starts with the management of sellers and buyers and goes on through the dispatch of goods via various partners.

But why should a company build a marketplace instead of a regular online shop? One of the reasons could be an expanded product range, which would be costly and unsafe to do alone at first. The company's product range is supplemented by products from other providers. In the long term, this increases the target group and thus also the number of potential buyers who can become aware of the products. For special niche products that only a few suppliers provide on the market, a simple online shop is more suitable.

In contrast to an “ordinary” online shop, there are other challenges to overcome when setting up a marketplace:

 On-boarding of additional providers and sellers
 Splitting an order if articles were ordered from different sellers, so-called "shopping cart splitting"
 Management of payment flows and settlement of sales fees are another challenging topic

OroMarketplace can solve many of these challenges out-of-the-box. This makes setting up a marketplace much easier - which has a positive effect on the project budget, and much more importantly on the time-to-market. So far, we at Netresearch have already developed a number of marketplace and multi-vendor solutions for our customers. With OroMarketplace we can do this even more efficiently and faster in the future.

At the launch on September 29th we looked at important features of the new software with other Oro partners and presented them to the participants. Overall, the event was very informative and the advantages of OroMarketplace and its functions were comprehensively presented thanks to the expertise of the speakers. Besides us, representatives of the Oro partner companies Lingner, Diglin, DMK, Turbine Kreuzberg and Gigatec also took part.

Comments from the OroMarketplace launch

"We have to stop thinking in terms of products and should start offering solutions."

Daniel Nill - Partner at on “Away from the
product - towards to solutions. " How marketplaces find
potential customers where they actually are

“When a seller lists an item ... the market operator releases the product and then it's online”

Markus Kramer, Managing Director of Gigatec
about maintaining products and catalog management

"OroMarketplace uses the OroCommerce workflow engine... you can go into price negotiations directly on the platform.
Highly configurable and highly customizable."

Markus Schulz, Senior Product Owner at Turbine Kreuzberg
about quote requests and processes

"A bulk order is automatically divided into suborders and assigned per seller."

Sebastian Hähner, Consultant E-Commerce at Netresearch
about shopping cart splitting and payment processing

Changes in B2B sales

With OroMarketplace, all involved parties can benefit from the marketplace concept. Sellers can reach a new or larger target group and increase their sales. Buyers save resources with the optimized order and purchase processes. In addition, the logistical organization is optimally coordinated. Marketplace operators benefit from centralized management of dealers, buyers, orders, website settings and reports in one single place. They can also offer their own product range, like any other retailer, to a larger group of buyers.

We look back on a successful launch event and look forward to accompanying the introduction of OroMarketplace in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

About Oro

Oro was founded in 2012 by Yoav Kutner and is based in Los Angeles. It is one of the leading software companies and an expert in the B2B e-commerce sector. Oro puts a particular focus on the digitalization of sales.

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