Systematically GDPR-compliant! Netresearch integrates Usercentrics consent management for business websites

The current General Data Protection Regulation, adopted by the EU in May 2018, is intended to guarantee the protection of natural persons when processing personal data. Actually a good thing - but it is becoming increasingly difficult for us and our customers to meet the latest legal requirements of the GDPR. After a brief look into the topic, you quickly get an idea how much time investment and development is required if you want to react appropriately to the complex and country-specific guidelines using your own resources.

As part of our participation in the SPE4CRM research project, which is developing solutions for small and medium-sized companies regarding the GDPR, we have dived into the topic in a market study. Among other things, various consent management platforms were analyzed in this study. As a result, we at Netresearch decided to cooperate with Usercentrics, because their solution allows us to achieve a high level of functional coverage and adapt it very well to the specific requirements of the customers websites.

The consent management platform Usercentrics

You may have already noticed how we solved this challenge for our own Netresearch website when you opened this blog article: Upon accessing for the first time, the Usercentrics dialog box appears. The consent management tool asks site visitors for general consent in an easy to use initial dialog. In an optional second step, the consent for selected cookies can be refined and the purpose can be explained.

The site operator benefits from the convenient and legally secure configuration. In addition, Usercentrics reacts proactively to changes and requirements of the GDPR, implements them and informs the website operator about the changes.

The integration by Netresearch also solves the data protection problems that arise in other tracking-intensive areas of websites, e.g. when integrating Google Maps or forms from third-party sources such as CRM platforms.

Netresearch handles licensing and configuration

After having tested the tool extensively on our own website, we recommend this SaaS solution to our customers as well. As an official partner of Usercentrics, we have a competent and specialized companion for the complex subject GDPR. We are expanding our service portfolio with another all-round carefree package by handling licensing and configuration of Usercentrics.

The tool is currently best suitable for websites. As soon as it is prepared for shop systems, we are going to offer Usercentrics in our online shop projects.

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