The key to success with Akeneo PIM: Efficient work through individual product information management

Target of product data management with Akeneo PIM

At the online store Vivat! we launched 400,000 products with an intelligent combination of product data management with Akeneo PIM (Product Information Management), Shopware Shop and DataHub. With this, the e-commerce systems at St. Benno Verlag were raised to a modern level.

The aim of the implementation was to effectively improve the product information management (PIM) of our customer. The focus was on enabling the management and creation of any number of product data. In order to guarantee a larger product portfolio, the open source variant of the Akeneo PIM was individually adapted for the online shop The key to efficiency lies in automation: by transferring mass data, product data can be managed in a more targeted manner. With the help of our extension, product information from different input data sources is brought together, prepared for use on e-commerce channels and output in a targeted manner.

This created the conditions for the inclusion of further product data from additional suppliers. St. Benno Verlag's vision of acting as a marketplace for growing product diversity is now a reality. Today, the PIM already contains almost 400,000 products with over 60 different attributes. Unlike in the old system, the administration functions intuitively and error-free through the transfer of mass data and filter options.

blugento data hub

The integration of the blugento data hub enables the correct transfer. The blugento data hub connects the shop system Shopware and the PIM. Through the cloud system blugento data hub, the data exchange between the systems works flawlessly. This means that all of the company's data records are always up to date because all processes are fully automated. For this purpose, the systems are each connected to the blugento data hub via just one interface, into which the data is fed. The product data is then converted into the required formats and passed on to the systems defined by St. Benno. Which formats are required can be determined individually and configured flexibly. In the future, other shop systems, product information and enterprise resource planning systems can be connected and synchronised. The success of the company grows with the system and vice versa.

Further successes are guaranteed: new ideas can be put into practice intuitively and quickly with the Akeneo PIM. Optimally structured product data is entered online and offline and distributed via new channels.

We are proud of our collaboration with St. Benno Verlag. Our customer was able to achieve great benefits through the realised project. With the help of our blugento data hub technology, the criticised instability of the old system was eliminated. The result is an increase of over 60% in active products. A success beyond the home stretch - the turnover of St. Benno Verlag was increased.

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