Website launch of the dialogue platform for MDF AG

Leipzig/Halle Airport is of enormous economic importance for the region. It is therefore essential for MDF AG to get in touch with all neighbors in the area and to do justice to the responsibility for open communication. That's why the airport commissioned us with the technical implementation of a dialogue platform that went online a few days ago. With the help of this solution, the airport wants to actively initiate local communication, information and participation processes and receive direct feedback from people in the region.

 The strategic concept for this MDF AG project was taken over by the Berlin consultancy Johannsen + Kretschmer. We contributed the technical concept and carried out the complete implementation of the platform. Part of the platform will also be a completely newly developed mobile app for iOS and Android, which will also be implemented by Netresearch.

What is the new platform capable of?

The platform aims to actively involve the airport's neighbors in discussions about all airport-related issues. Neighbors, citizens or simply those interested in aviation are invited to use the new features. Numerous news in the style of blog articles or social media posts from the airport can be viewed by all visitors to the platform. These are structured by topics and regions or communities around Leipzig/Halle Airport.

After personal registration, people can comment and discuss as registered users on the platform. In order to ensure the quality of user accounts, registration was linked to an SMS service utilizing the mobile phone number. Once registered, users can enter into an active exchange with the airport's dialogue team. People can subscribe to categories, regions, or even individual contributions and share them with others. In this way users can be notified of new posts or comments from the platform.

Netresearch implemented the dialogue platform based on the open-source software TYPO3 and also integrated it into the existing website of MDF AG. The platform is continuously being developed and additional functionalities will be added in the future. A mobile app for iOS and Android will also be available soon, which will make dialogue on mobile devices even more comfortable. The app user receives notifications about new messages on their mobile device.

The technical maintenance and security as well as the monitoring of is also carried out by Netresearch.

Only 6 weeks were available for the technical implementation of the platform – a real challenge considering the great number of people involved! As an experienced TYPO3 agency, we were able to successfully bring the project online and provide the airport with a completely new medium that invites active exchange with social media elements.

“In a very short time, you brought to life what we considered a completely new idea: checking technical requirements, programming functions, designing a graphic appearance, outlining topics, writing texts, procuring photos, ... , critically questioning the terms of use, ensuring data protection and legal certainty.“

Thomas Reinhold
Head of Communications and Political Relations at MDF AG

Thanks to everyone involved! We are very happy about the successful start and wish Leipzig/Halle Airport great success!

We love TYPO3 and have used it to enable our customers for 20 years! Get to know us as a TYPO3 specialist for web platforms or send us an inquiry directly. We are happy to take the time for your request!

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