Big cleanup on Magento Marketplace

In April 2020, the Adobe team announced in their DevBlog that they would regularly clean the Magento Marketplace of outdated content. The first clean-up event will take place on June 15, 2020. This is going to be repeated every six months.

The aim of the EQP (Extension Quality Program) is to ensure that the marketplace contains well-maintained and up-to-date extensions and themes that offer retailers real added value, and to ensure constant readiness for use in current system environments.

We as extension specialists at Netresearch and member of ExtDN (Magento Extension Developers Network) fully support this idea.

What will be affected by the clean-up?

Magento has defined some new rules to clarify which listings on the Marketplace are going to be affected by the clean-up event:

 What will be removed?

  • Extensions, themes, and shared packages that are only compatible with unsupported versions of Magento Commerce – 2.0 and 2.1.

  • Extensions, themes, and shared packages that have not submitted an update in the last 12 months.

  • Magento's goal is to ensure the Marketplace extensions have been tested against at least one of the two latest patch versions on a supported release line. 

 What does this mean for extension developers and tech partners?

  • If your extension, theme, or shared package meets any of the removal criteria, it will be removed on June 15, 2020.

 What does this mean for store owners and solution integrators?

  • If you are using an extension that meets the clean-up criteria, you will still have access to it via composer through, but you will not be able to find it on
  • This is a great time to make sure you have a plan to upgrade to the latest supported version of Magento.

 How do I keep my extension from getting removed in the clean-up?

  • You must submit an updated version before June 1, 2020 that has compatibility with Magento Commerce 2.3. This will give Magento enough time to get your extension tested and publish the updated version.

 What happens to the removed extensions?

  • The extension will still exist in and any stores using the extension will continue to use it.

 If an extension is removed, how do I get it back?

 What about my Magento 1 extensions?

  • Magento will have a separate removal process for M1 extensions and themes to align with the end of support for M1 in the summer of 2020.

Original article from the Magento DevBlog: Magento Marketplace Update: Keeping our Inventory Up to Date


How do we at Netresearch handle extensions?

Netresearch has been a reliable partner for the conception, development and maintenance of numerous Magento extensions for over ten years. We work primarily on behalf of well-known service providers in e-commerce, especially in payment, shipping and logistics. Our extension partners include DHL, Deutsche Post, Hermes and Ingenico ePayments.

Aside from the initial conception, creation and implementation of extensions for Magento 2, the topics support, maintenance and future development are always important components in the cooperation with our partners.


Use of extensions

We always want to ensure that an extension can be used successfully and productively in the shop system of an online retailer.

Based on our experience, the following things are particularly important in order to be considered for general use by a shop operator:

  • An extension should always be up-to-date and allow complete access to the available services of a provider. Only then the extension offers real value and flexibility for the merchant by helping to achieve the specific use case.
  • An extension must always be compatible with the current system versions and their technical requirements. Regular maintenance and constant availability of updates should be clearly recognizable.
  • Users and integrators must be provided with fast and competent support for the integration and operation of an extension.


Our actions have been based on these principles for many years. We also stand behind these principles as a member of ExtDN. Together with our extension partners, we are rather relaxed about the clean-up measures on the Magento Marketplace and expressly support them.

If you as a service provider in e-commerce are also interested in professional extension development and support, please contact us.

Contact us

For any questions about existing extension products from DHL, DHL Express, Deutsche Post, Hermes or Ingenico, please refer to the respective support portals. You will receive competent help here.


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