Netresearch supports Leipzig primary school during digital project

We are aware of the digital change in the economy. Therefore, we've been supporting companies on their way to digital transformation for over two decades. In order to share the knowledge of this journey as best as possible, we organized an online event on this topic on March 18, 2021.

The Ferry Porsche Challenge

Not only companies have to react to this. The Ferry Porsche Foundation is organizing a competition this year to promote digital projects in schools: the Ferry Porsche Challenge. The best projects are financially supported. The first three winning projects alone each win 100,000 €. In addition, the winners receive advice on their projects, on-site training and free online training.

Netresearch supports school in Leipzig with donation

The Friedrich-Fröbel elementary school asked us if we could support them during the Ferry Porsche Challenge with computers, keyboards and computer mice. That is why we have decided to give a donation-in-kind as well as 10 percent of the ticket income from our event “Digital Transformation”. For this, we checked which and how much hardware we can make available. We were able to donate a total of six computers, six monitors and a keyboard.

We are very pleased that we can not only pave the way for companies to go digital, but that we can also give schools this opportunity.

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