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How we work

For a successful cooperation in the team and with you, we have established an agile way of working which includes Scrum and Kanban. This enables us to develop an optimal, high-quality solution for you that meets your requirements.

Together to success

Flexible | Agile | Continuous

Are you looking for a digital solution to connect your CRM with your website? Or would you like to expand your German online shop into an international platform? Whether an interface or complex extensions: You will experience our work with the necessary transparency right from the start. You will receive the first functional MVP (Minimum Viable Product) after a very short time. You can also have your digital solution adapted by us at any time with no delays. We coordinate the process according to your wishes and requirements. Let us be successful together with our way of working - flexible, agile and continuous.

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Your advantagesat a glance

  Agile project management – perfectly fitting your requirements
  Quick implementation of an initial, working MVP
  Flexible adaption of your digital solution during the process
  Immediate reaction to obstacles without delays
  Continuous development based on your wishes
  Workshops to assist you when introducing the solution
  Comprehensive support

"We rely on agile project management, which is a decisive success factor for you. It allows you to introduce change requests during the course of the project which we wouldn't be able to implement with conventional methods."

Tobias Kämpfe
Project Manager and Team Lead

Our methods

for organized agile work

Agile project managementwith Scrum

The Scrum method enables us to react flexibly to obstacles or new requirements and to optimize processes during the ongoing work. Organized in sprints, we approach the desired solution. This includes positive and negative experiences during the sprint. From these, measures are derived that both increase the productivity of the development team in the upcoming sprint and improve cooperation in the Scrum team. The daily stand-up is used by the development team to plan daily tasks, discuss possible challenges and act accordingly. We react flexibly to your requirements.

Optimal project organization and qualitywith Kanban

Kanban is a method to allow shorter throughput times by parallelizing work and thus identify challenges - especially bottlenecks - promptly. This gives the advantage of being able to react immediately to any difficulties without delaying the entire process. In addition, the defined steps provide everyone involved with information about the progress of tasks and the entire project.

  Our double quality assurance enables us to adhere to our stringent quality standards.

How we work

Communication on all levels

Open communication

We live open communication, which enables us to create the best basis for your project.


Project-related coordination in the team guarantees a smooth process during the development of your digital solution.


We transparently disclose all important project information to you. You will receive the first results shortly after the start of the project.


Through short stand-ups and digital knowledge exchange, we promote communication in the team and with customers.

Our way of workingat a glance

  Open communication
  Transparency during projects
  Regular coordination inside the team
  Stand-ups for coordination and sharing knowledge about projects
  Optimal task organization with Kanban
  High standards thanks to double quality assurance
  Agile project management and process optimization with Scrum

Our way to success

Always the goal in mind

OKR – Objectives and Key Results

To apply our methods, we start with a vision, from which our mission arises. From this, the individual teams derive their objectives and formulate key results. These goals can be worked out for the short, medium and long term. After each goal's period, we check to determine if and to what extent the goal has been achieved with regard to the key results. In this way, the company goals can be aligned with the goals of the individual teams.

Agile development with Scrum and Kanban

Thomas Wilhelm
Consultant web platforms,

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