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replacement of the middleware

The St. Benno book and magazines company is a catholic book and magazine publisher and a denominational mail order company based in Leipzig. Shareholders are the dioceses of Dresden-Meissen, Erfurt, Görlitz and Magdeburg. The predecessor, liquidated in 1991, was the only Catholic publishing house in the German Democratic Republic under the name St. Benno-Verlag.

The publishing house was founded in 1951 and with over 100 employees they generates around € 50 million a year.

Year of foundation

> 100

50 Mio. €

With Netresearch, we have gained a strong partner. Netresearch relies on the latest technologies and can therefore react quickly to new requirements on our part. We now benefit from a modern system with an intuitive operating concept. Thank you for the great implementation!

Stephan Radig

Head of online editorial office
St. Benno Verlag GmbH


The plan

The St. Benno publisher used an individual developed middelware as a link between the ERP system and the Magento shopsystem. These middleware was provided from a service provider but there is no further development and maintenance on this product. This ESB ((EnterpriseServiceBus) is grown historical and enriched with various individual processes, which in part never were documented. Furthermore it gaves third party providers the chance to import their portfolio with a huge amount of data via an interface.

This ESB should be replace but the scope of functions of roundabout 15 individual processes should be preserved and be even expended in perspective. Thus, a harmonization and standardization of the necessary data delivery should be created, as well as a general workflow optimization to increase the data quality.


In order to make a later launch as easy as possible, a 1:1 test environment was set up and used from the beginning. As a first step, an Akeneo PIM was set up to replace the previous middleware, and its data structure was adapted so that it corresponds to the one currently in use. After the basis for data import had been laid, the interfaces to the company's own inventory management and to the suppliers were set up. For this, the product import had to be adapted so that a successful merging could take place. In order to take over a part of the previous functionalities of the middleware, the DataHub was used which, for example, carries out the data filtering and selection. This DataHub acts as the interface between all data sources and the Akeneo PIM. After the data flowed into the AkeneoPIM in the desired quality, further changes and configurations were made to the system to meet the customer's needs. Finally, a mapping was established between the data quality of suppliers and St. Benno. This is also where the sophisticated rights and roles concept comes into play, which was developed especially for the customer.


Key features

 independence from the previous service provider
through the use of open source technology
 connection of any number of new supplier
through the standardization of the data delivery
 optimization of the complex workflow
and the delivered data quality
 preparation of the eco-system
for further eCommerce-strategy

The result

With the standardized and automatized delivery process it is easy to integrate a lot of new suppliers immediately. This builds the foundation for the further strategic goal to establish a market place. Through the use of a blugento DataHub it is possible to reduce the complexity of the interface diversity to a minimum, which will be scale down the efforts and simplify the perspective further development. Furthermore it is possible to rebuild the most of the functionalities of the current middleware with the blugento DataHub and in a collaboration with the Akeneo PIM it can cover the full stack of the old and new functionalities. In addition we could synchronized the data quality between the supplier and St. Benno which reduce significant the downstream data maintenance.

Case Study: St. Benno - replacement of the middleware

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