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Reiseland Frömmigen GmbH was founded in 1992 and has developed from a small travel agency into an established company. It has five branches in four locations, including at Halle-Leipzig Airport, and successfuly offers apprenticeships for almost 30 years. They are also a member of the QTA (Quality Travel Alliance) and the DRV (Deutscher Reise Verband/German Travel Association). Reiseland GmbH offers their company services online with schiffs-urlaub.de and travel-hunter.de.

Founding year

Branch offices

Online booking platforms

The plan

Design is the functional and form-fitting adaption of a wide variety of elements and objects. In the field of web design, the demands on the design are changing at ever shorter intervals. Design adjustments to the website are sometimes necessary for the benefit of the user. Accordingly, it is not uncommon to make fundamental adjustments every three years, even for large applications. The travel agency Reiseland from Köthen recognized this for their online portal schiffs-urlaub.de. The basic wishes were elementary design adjustments and a flexible content management system (CMS) to be able to edit the website independently.

In addition to adapting the design, the request for more flexibility in the output of the data was expressed. In addition to the travel data, landing pages are also to be created for special travel destinations in order to offer the visitor added value. So far, changes in the code were often necessary for which a developer had to be commissioned. The travel agency was able to achieve initial successes with the already existing landing pages. These successes were to be maintained and over time made the switch to a simpler system more and more necessary.


Content management systems offer more flexibility in terms of data output and display. We recommended the powerful and flexible CMS TYPO3, with which we have already successfully implemented many projects (e.g. for Bayerische Börse AG). Thanks to extensive rights management, the necessary configurations, even for a large number of editors, can be set precisely to the needs of the customer. The content from the travel data management system can be output at any point in the new web application using configurable plugins, giving the customer great degrees of freedom when creating landing pages.

In order to retrieve the data from the travel data management system, we decided to create an application interface (API). It grants external systems - in this case TYPO3 - access via a standardized interface. In the future, the customer will also have the option to access the data in other ways, e.g. B. with an app.

Case Study: Reiseland - portal schiffs-urlaub.de

What is particularly impressive about this project are the many interactive filter options that were developed based on the given complex data structures of travel data. Despite the difficult conditions in the travel industry during the Corona period, Netresearch managed together with the customer to find technical and partly pragmatic solutions for many detailed problems in the project! With the new portal, our customer has a powerful tool for future marketing!

Thomas Wilhelm

CEO / Managing Partner



Key features

  Flexible, powerful TYPO3 CMS
  Integration API interface 
  Connection to third-party systems
  Modern web design 

The result

A special highlight offers editors a TYPO3 module via which specific travel parameters such as destination, ship or shipping company can be selected in the backend and combined with each other. In this way, landing pages on specific topics can be created with just a few clicks, e.g. a landing page on the topic of "AIDA Travel in the Pacific". These pages then automatically carry the appropriate offers and the offers always update dynamically as soon as there are any changes to offers on the pages. Reiseland GmbH now has a flexible CMS. This makes it easier for editors to maintain data and make changes to the website themselves. The API interface enables the connection of external systems and the data transfer between the external system and TYPO3. Reiseland GmbH has gotten the best of both worlds: maintenance systems specially tailored to their area of application and content that can be edited, regardless of the travel data, in a CMS. And by providing the data via an API, it is available for any future applications, such as an app for the smartphone.

Case Study: Reiseland - portal schiffs-urlaub.de

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