The multi-shop solution for brand worlds:
many brands, many countries

The blugento shop factory enables the rollout of numerous branded shops based on the popular systems Shopware or Magento in almost no time.

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The blugento shop factory:Sell to your target groups

The blugento shop factory is the perfect solution to manage numerous online shops with individual and separate shop instances. All shops are controlled, maintained and updated in the blugento dashboard and new code versions are also deployed from there.

Address your customers perfectly with specialized online shops and always keep full control and an overview thanks to the central management of the shops and product data.

Numerous scenarios are possible:

  • Rollout of many brands in different countries
  • Individual shops for independent subsidiaries
  • Variety of niche shops for different product categories
  • Provide separate shops for franchisees

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3 reasons for multi-brand shops

Time to market

Use a shop setup that has been worked out once
with all the individual features and deploy this
"blueprint" several times. Take up speed during
the rollout. Hundreds of shops with separate
instances are possible - safe, maintainable,
updatable, scalable, cloud-based!

Custom designs

Adapt the shops to individual preferences of
the respective target groups and thus increase
your conversion rate.

Tailored customer approach

Define the target group for each shop precisely
and achieve the perfect customer approach for
each of your brands via a separate shop! Use the
white-label effect and deploy a variety of similar
but still individual shops!

Highlights for your multi-shop strategy

Central shop management

Manage all your online shops
in one single backend.

Interface to your systems

If desired, all shops can be connected
to your systems like ERP, Inventory
Management, and logistics.

Central product data

Your product data is stored in a central
Product Information Management system
(PIM) and then transferred to the shops.


A central dashboard allows you to always
keep an eye on the turnover and sales of
your shops.

Management of roles
and permissions

Define the managers and their
permissions for each shop.

SaaS solution in the cloud

All inclusive: high-performance cloud
hosting, updates & monitoring. Automated
deployment via CI/CD pipeline.

Individual shops for various
brands & categories

  • Create special online shops for brand worlds
  • Build niche shops with product categories for specific target groups
  • Rollout white-label shops for sales partners
  • Meet the particular requirements of your target markets and groups

Interfaces to other systems

  • Integration of your online shops into the existing infrastructure
  • Automatic data exchange between the shops and your other systems such as ERP and Inventory Management
  • Central product data management for all shops in the optionally integrated open-source Product Information Management system (PIM) Akeneo, or in your existing PIM
  • Single sign-on for efficient administration of user data in large organizations

Cloud hosting & maintenance

  • Professional cloud hosting
  • Fast loading times even during traffic peaks
  • Reduced cost through automatic adjustment of server load and number
  • Permanent monitoring of the shops reduces failures and down-times
  • Automatic deployment of security and feature updates

Fulfil legal requirements

  • Legal separation and subsequent separation of individual shops possible
  • Individual shops for legally independent subsidiaries
  • Each shop instance with its own separate data storage and customer data
  • Central management of compliance with legal requirements and data protection regulations for all shops

Based on Magento or Shopware

  • Powerful and flexible open-source systems with Magento 2 and Shopware 6
  • Internationalization thanks to multi-language support, different currencies and tax classes
  • Suitable for B2B and B2C commerce
  • Available as Enterprise or Community Editions

Plan the rollout of numerous shop instances now and put brand worlds in the spotlight!

Find out more about the blugento shop factory and the unique possibilities to set up individual online shops for a strategy with multi-shops or white labels.

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