25 years AIDA: sharing holiday memories via upload form

AIDA is celebrating its 25th anniversary and has come up with something very special for the occasion: A short film is to be created from the holiday pictures and videos of its customers. In order for this idea to become a reality, an upload form was required.

Upload form for storing files

For the AIDA anniversary, travelers now can share their vacation memories for a short film. Romantic sunsets, tanned skin and feet on white beaches can now be sent using an upload form.

We implemented this upload form with TYPO3 v10 and integrated it at various points (AIDA Club, EXPInet) for the anniversary campaign. Since the form was developed as a configurable plug-in, it can be used again for other events in the future.

Challenge and result

The main challenge for us was the tight timeline in which the upload form was to be built and integrated into the AIDA system architecture as a plug-in. The effort was ultimately worth it: just three weeks after going live, over 2000 videos were submitted.

We are pleased that the upload form is so well received by AIDA customers and want to congratulate our long-term customer AIDA on the anniversary!

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