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Performance increase after adaptation of the Usercentrics solution

By Sebastian Koschel

Improved performance after customization of Usercentrics service

After customizing Usercentrics' Smart Data Protector with our own development, we were able to increase our Google performance score by more than 20 points. Our colleague Sebastian explains why and how we did it.


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Partnership Netresearch and SQL AG Transconnect integration platform

By Doreen Max

Netresearch will use TRANSCONNECT® in B2B e-commerce in the future

Netresearch will use the TRANSCONNECT® integration platform in the future. In this way, we are moving forward the digitization of sales and process automation at our customers in the B2B e-commerce sector.

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Connect external databases to a TYPO3 CMS title picture

By André Lademann

Connect external databases to a TYPO3 CMS via OpenAPI

For a customer project, André from Netresearch connected an external database to a TYPO3 CMS using OpenAPI, SwaggerUI, code generators and Vue.js. In this post he explains how it worked.


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B2B marketplace Biermap24

By Katarina Riedel

Netresearch implements B2B marketplace for Biermap24

Soon we are going to develop a B2B marketplace for the Biermap24 rating platform. We are pleased to have been selected as an implementation partner thanks to our many years of experience in the field of e-commerce.

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teaser launch ormarketplace b2b sales

By Caroline Kuhn

New opportunities in B2B sales with OroMarketplace

OroMarketplace was launched on September 29, 2021. We give an insight into the background and features of the new software for B2B sales.

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Teaser: Akeneo PIM and Pimcore in comparison

By Benjamin Heuer

Akeneo PIM vs. Pimcore: A comparison of PIM systems

Akeneo or Pimcore? The question of which system best meets your needs is always present at the beginning of a project. But what to choose? We have examined for whom these systems might be suitable.


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DHL Shipping and Magento 2: Post Office Deliveries and More

By Christoph Aßmann

DHL Shipping & Magento - Post Office Deliveries and More | PART 8

Customers show a growing demand to control when and where their parcel should be delivered. Read about the delivery location finder and other value-added services in the final part of the DHL Shipping for Magento blog post series.

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DHL Shipping and Magento 2: Comprehensive integration with Magento core features

By Christoph Aßmann

DHL Shipping & Magento - Going Down The Rabbit Hole | PART 7

Both Magento Open Source and Commerce offer some optional features related to shipping fulfillment. The seventh part of the series explains which performance solutions are supported by DHL Shipping and how return labels can be created.

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World Password Day: Interview with our CTO Sebastian Mendel

By Caroline Kuhn

6 May 2021 | World Password Day: interview with CTO Sebastian Mendel

On World Password Day, our CTO Sebastian Mendel provides some insights into the combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. What is important, what is a no-go, and what are helpful password tools?

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DHL Shipping & Magento: Advanced Features

By Christoph Aßmann

DHL Shipping & Magento - Advanced Features | PART 6

In addition to brand new features, DHL Shipping version 1.0.0 also improves some details that make it worth upgrading. Find out about the changes to order export, tracking, and cash on delivery payments in the sixth part of the series.

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Teaser Node-RED Programm Ansicht

By André Lademann

How we use Node-RED to boost our productivity

A week ago we started using a new program that increases our productivity when using the Adobe Magento Marketplace.

This is an in-house system for monitoring Magento extensions.

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DHL Shipping for Magento 2: A New Packaging Popup - Part 5

By Christoph Aßmann

DHL Shipping & Magento - Packaging Popup Revisited | PART 5

On the Magento platform, shipping is hard. The fifth part in the blog post series highlights how DHL Shipping makes creating shipping labels easier and how the extension supports merchants to keep track of the labels' download status.

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DHL Shipping for Magento 2: Compositions of packages

By Christoph Aßmann

DHL Shipping & Magento - Composition of Packages | PART 4

Automation and synchronisation at its best: our multi-module extension for Magento 2 enables the connection of any number of business units as carrier modules, such as the DHL Express Rates at Checkout Extension...

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Akeneo PIM images attribute

Multidimensional configurations in Akeneo (Part 2)

In the last post in this series, we introduced our solution for multidimensional attributes. What has been changed since then?


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DHL & Magento Expanding Markets

By Christoph Aßmann

DHL Shipping & Magento - Expanding Markets | PART 3

In April 2020, DHL Shipping version 1.0.0 was released to replace the previous version 0.11 for Magento 2 online shops. The reason for that major update was not DHL – it was many DHLs. Read how that came about in the third part of the blog post…

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TYPO3 Extension RTE Image Support

The must-have extension for every TYPO3 editor team: CKEditor Image Support

Our extension “CKEditor Image Support” is one of the most popular extensions for TYPO3 editors with 150,000 installations. We show how we have significantly improved the text editor of the open source solution.

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DHL & Netresearch - Shipping Is Hard

By Christoph Aßmann

DHL Shipping & Magento - Shipping Is Hard | PART 2

For more than 10 years, Netresearch enables merchants on the Magento platform to complete their ecommerce fulfillment using the DHL shipping services. The second part of this series gives a summary of the challenges that emerged along the way.

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Usercentrics - our new Consent Management Platform

Systematically GDPR-compliant! Netresearch integrates Usercentrics consent management for business websites

As a partner of Usercentrics, we integrate the SaaS consent management platform for our customers and thus also solve problems around form tracking or Google Maps integration!

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Video tutorials

Video tutorials for customers and colleagues

With videos, even complex issues can be well explained. For this reason, we are increasingly using videos to train both our employees and our customers in the use of new systems.

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Akeneo PIM 4.0

Akeneo 4.0 brings fresh ideas into the community

In February Akeneo 4 was released at the Akeneo PIM Summit 2020. The new version provides performance improvements and changes for developers and editors. We tell you what our experiences with the new version have been.

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B2B Shop Now

B2B Shop Now - Open your own B2B online shop in just 14 days

Together with our partners T-Systems, Shopware, igniti and blugento, we have developed a solution that enables B2B retailers to sell online via their own shop in just 14 days and thus defy the current situation.

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Subsequent sorting of Flux/Fluid FCEs

TYPO3 Flux/Fluid FCEs and problems during subsequent sorting

We use Flux and Fluid Content for various purposes. The Flux-Grid Viewhelper provides tab boxes and accordions containing any number of elements. But when rearranging tabs or accordions, the elements inside them are not moved. Here's our solution.

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typo3 extension nr_sync

By Martina Weise

Content synchronization with TYPO3 extension nr_sync

With nr_sync we introduce a TYPO3 extension with which we enable our customers to transfer content from a staging system to any live system in an editor-friendly and resource-saving way.

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Helhum Console

Greatly anticipated: Helhum TYPO3 Console for TYPO3 10

We miss it very much - the Helhum Console for TYPO3 10. It has always served well in automating configurations in a Docker setup. Unfortunately, only a test version is currently available for v10.

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TYPO3Camp Central Germany

By André Lademann

TYPO3Camp Central Germany: Concourse CI, Automated Testing, Static File Cache and many more

In the second part of our review of the TYPO3Camp Central Germany, we want to address other interesting community sessions in addition to our own lecture on Concourse CI.

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Aufsteller mit Werbung für das TYPO3 Camp 2020 in Dresden

TYPO3Camp Central Germany: Lecture about TYPO3 extension nr_sync

The TYPO3Camp took place in Dresden, Germany on January 16-18, 2020. This time our developers and TYPO3 guys were on the stage themselves as speakers. Thomas Schöne (developer at Netresearch) presented our TYPO3 extension nr_sync.

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