TYPO3Camp Central Germany: Lecture about TYPO3 extension nr_sync

Last weekend it finally happened. The third TYPO3Camp in Dresden, Germany was coming and together with me, Sebastian Koschel and André Lademann went on the trip. We wanted exchange, new input and inspiration. Exciting sessions, unforgettable evening events, good food and lots of cool people awaited us again.

It quickly became clear that Netresearch in the TYPO3 community is anything but a blank slate. Many in the community had already heard of Netresearch.

Netresearch secures session slot

As is custom at a bar camp, the topics are not fixed from the start, but are proposed by the developers themselves and selected by everyone. Already on Friday morning during the session planning, we had a successful start and I was able to secure one of the coveted session slots.

On Friday I started with the presentation of our TYPO3 extension nr_sync, our solution for the synchronization of content between stage and live systems.

Lecture about TYPO3 extension nr_sync

The initial intention of the presentation was to talk to the community about how we and others tackle the problem of synchronization. There was a lot of approval, especially during the discussion after the presentation and some unique features of our solution were found.

After the first day of the conference, the aftershow party was due, which was used extensively by all team members and conference visitors to network and refresh old and new acquaintances. All in all it was a great day!

During the entire event there was a livestream for the large session room:
Live stream TYPO3Camp Central Germany day 1

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