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We celebrate 20 years cooperation with AIDA

In addition to transparent communication and specialist knowledge, trust plays a major role in the successful implementation of customer projects. We are therefore particularly pleased that we have been able to accompany our customer AIDA Cruises as a TYPO3 agency for 20 years now and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the many years of cooperation. In the coming weeks we will review some highlights in a social media series and take a look at current projects.

AIDA revolutionizes cruise market

AIDA Cruises revolutionized the German cruise market with the idea of offering cruises as a modern lifestyle product, starting in 1996. By 2023, the modern fleet is expected to grow to 16 ships. According to its own statements, the company has been the market leader in Germany for several years.

From online booking to Board Portal: We accompany AIDA on their journey

The German cruise company has been one of our most important customers since 2002. What once began with the implementation of 360° panorama photographs for cruise ships has grown over the years and resulted in a wide range of projects. Just like our customer, we have also evolved and specialized. As a TYPO3 agency, we are still significantly involved in the realization of a wide variety of projects.

One of the highlights of our cooperation is the development of the AIDA Internet Booking Engine (IBE) in 2009, which enables website visitors to make direct online bookings. The booking for individual ship routes and desired cabin selection is integrated seamlessly into the website. The AIDA Board Portal for cruise passengers which is based on TYPO3 and is still used today, is also one of the highlights. For example, the current position of the ship can be displayed or excursions and restaurant seats can be booked on a wide variety of devices on board. The Mediathek for travel agents was recently relaunched as a headless application with TYPO3.

Agile project management as decisive success factor

The agile approach has proven its worth, especially with regard to cross-team cooperation and the ability the react flexibly to changing requirements. For example, we work closely with AIDA's IT department and not only provide technical support, but also conceptual assistance. "Thanks to the agile implementation, we can repeatedly put our project assumptions to the test from sprint to sprint and react to changing requirements without exceeding the given budget," says Tobias Hein, Head of DXP at Netresearch.

AIDA and Netresearch: A long-standing partnership

We would like to take this opportunity to thank AIDA for their trust and the partnership that has lasted to this day. We will present some of our AIDA projects in more detail on our social media channels LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in the coming weeks. Follow us so you don't miss any highlights. If you would like to learn more about our TYPO3 services, feel free to contact us.

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