How we use Node-RED to boost our productivity

3 weeks ago we noticed that Adobe Magento could give us more data. With this data, we could work more productively. We then did some research and invested time to find out what exactly it was.

Background of Magento extensions

We develop and publish many extensions for Magento. Each of these packages must go through the Magento quality checks, which must not fail.
As a Magento developer you unfortunately don't get any notifications when an extension goes through the Magento quality check.

Implementation with Node-RED

We have set us the task to provide notifications from the Magento Marketplace for our customers' extensions. For this, we put together a program in Node-RED.. Node-RED is an environment in which programs can be created and executed with relatively little code. Almost everything works with drag-and-drop. With this technology you can for example accept, process and then respond to web requests. We have also developed 2 libraries in TypeScript and published them for free on GitHub.

The Magento Marketplace API can now be used through @netresearch/node-magento-eqp. This package supports almost all functions of the interface and was written in TypeScript. The documentation can be viewed here.

For Node-RED we built a wrapper package around the package described above. It communicates with the Magento Marketplace API, processes all incoming web requests and allows us to continue to work with them. It can also register a URL as a callback URL (necessary so that the above functionality can be used). The documentation is visible in the documentation tab in Node-RED.


Node-RED is perfect for this type of event-driven application where we receive, process and act on events from Magento.

Would you like to know more about extensions or do you need one for your Magento? Then feel free to inform yourself or contact us directly through a direct appointment.

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Sebastian Hähner
Consultant E-Commerce, Product Data Management,
Shopware, Magento, Akeneo

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