TYPO3 DAM 1.3.2 released

Last night, Lorenz Ulrich released version 1.3.2 of the TYPO3 Digital Asset Management extension DAM. The maintainance release fixes a total of 14 bugs.

Although DAM is usable only with TYPO3 4.x (not the 6.x series), it is still used by many customers. They are waiting for TYPO3 6.2 LTS to be released before upgrading their systems, so maintaining DAM is especially important for them.

During our TYPO3 Open Source Fridays, Netresearch helped with patch review and provided fixes ourselves for the following bugs:

  • Bug #42006: Title attribute of shortened file name gets shortened
  • Bug #42411: Delete file doesn't work when _recycler_ folder exists
  • Bug #42426: Media/Tools/Check Index: Do not show files that are ok
  • Bug #44953: DAM Tools: Index test doesn't mark all deleted files as deleted.

The release of DAM 1.3.2 came nearly a year after version 1.3.1, and will most likely be followed only by 1.3.3. By then, TYPO3 6.2 LTS will have been released and people will switch to the FAL and Media extensions.

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